Providing Myer-Briggs Career Assessments, Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Assessments for Team Building, Educational Assessments and Teacher Training for Special Education, Dyslexia & Secton 504 Intervention, Program Evaluations, and IEP Facilitation

Review, Reset, Refocus, Academic and Behavior Center (RRRABC) provides individual career assessments, via the Myers-Briggs Strong Interest Inventory for all ages and stages. We provide the Thomas Killmann Conflict Mode Instrument to build a better team for your organization. We provide academic assessments to identify current levels of intellectual potential, academic performance, and dyslexia assessments for ADA/504 Accommodations at all levels and IEP Facilitation for public schools. From a data-driven perspective, RRRABC reports include suggested career paths, team building, academic and behavior interventions,  selected to refocus learning initiatives in ways that maximize potential. You cannot know your next best steps and most productive direction unless you know where you are and what you need.

Our Focus


  • Certified Myers-Briggs Strong Interest Inventory for choosing High School Career Pathways, College Majors, and Career Shifts

  • Certified Thomas Killmann Conflict Mode Instrument to assess your future leaders and build better teams.

  • Program Evaluations for Special Education, RtI, Section 504, and Dyslexia

  • Certified Educational Diagnosticians to assess eligibility for GT, Section 504, and Dyslexia Services &  Accommodations for All Ages

  • Teacher training for IDEA, Dyslexia, and Section 504

  • Certified IEP Facilitator