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About Us

Our team builds relationships to foster collaboration at school and work to build better employee teams and improve student results in higher education. We identify tools and investigate strategies to help students develop goals and promote success, both in school and in life. RRR Academic and Behavior Center (RRABC) provides individual career and conflict mode assessments, and educational assessments to identify career pathways, current levels of intellectual potential, and academic performance. 
Our team provides dyslexia, ADAAA, 504 assessments, and teacher training, and IEP Facilitation services.
Our Mission
We identify tools and investigate strategies to develop goals and promote success, for the workforce of today and tomorrow. Comprehensive reports include career planning, conflict mode assessment, academic, and behavioral interventions to build and accelerate your success.
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Owned and operated by Dr. Michele Harmon, an educational professional with over thirty years of experience as a teacher and director, RRRABC is headquartered in Midland, Texas, and operates a satellite office in Houston, Texas. Assessment services provided by qualified and experienced staff are available at both locations. 

RRRABC team members have served in varied roles, including Career and Technical Director, Human Capital Director, Special Program Director, Educational Consultant, IEP Facilitator, Teacher, Educational Diagnostician, Special Education Supervisor, and 504 Supervisor.

RRRABC team members hold Texas State Board of Educator Certificates in the following areas: Superintendent, Principal, Supervisor, Special Education, Educational Diagnostician, Autism, Business and Finance, ESL, Social Studies, and History.